Order of the Magi enjoys a 3000 year tradition in Ethiopia, by way of the establishment of the first dynasty of Ethiopia under Emperor Menelik I, during 1000 BC. The heritage of Balthazar enjoys a 2000 year history in Ethiopia, and the heritage of Balthazar is a covenant with the Ethiopia Orthodox Church. Between 1988 and 1990 the Balthazar Monastery of North and South America, was established in New York City, under the auspices of HE Dejazmatch Amaha Abera Kassa.

The Monastery may be accessed from anywhere Internet service is available as it resides in the virtual world of cyberspace however the substance is targeted to North and South America. Currently undergoing a major face lift, the BalthazarMonastery website offers a parallel historical account of the Eastern Orthodox Christian branch of churches popularly known as Orthodox Christians. Orthodox Christians experienced the brutality of Rome’s persecution of the faith prior Rome adopting Christianity and spreading it to Western Europe, in the framework of the Roman Catholic Church.

While there is much historical data available to the public pertinent to the history of Christianity in the western hemisphere, little information is available concerning Eastern Orthodox Christianity. The historical data contained in the Balthazar Monastery files provide a parallel account regarding the historical procession of Judeo-Christianity, for a researcher and the curious student… In addition to comparative historical information, the data provides details of Ethiopia’s monasteries that recount ancient historical events that to a large extent have not been brought to the light.


Wolde Amanuel, ABBOTT



Hold fast…


Exploring the historical procession of world Christianity and monasteries that safeguard the faith, heritage and traditions over millennia. In particular, we acknowledge defending the monophysite nature of Jesus Christ, and preserving the faith by adhering to a spiritual civilization practical proposition. And, by way of sharing parallel and comparative data, we remain pleased to humbly contribute to a holistic perspective relative to the procession of Judeo Christianity.

Parallel and comparative historical data is available by accessing the BalthazarMonastery, and interactive scenarios will be offered going forward. Therefore, we cordially invite you to stay close…



Rock-hewn Medhane  Alem Church, in the remote mountain town of Lalibela, draws visitors to ancient sites in Ethiopia. Arriving just before the Feast of the Transfiguration, August 6, a date on the Orthodox Christian calendar which commemorates Jesus’ appearance in divine form before three (3) apostles on Mount Tabor. The grandest of King Lalibela’s eleven …


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